Travelling into Singapore now allowed, but don’t head down just yet

The governments of both Malaysia and Singapore today officially reopened the Johor Causeway to allow travelling between the countries for qualified individuals.

The 97-year-old Causeway, also known as Tambak Johor, was closed on 18th March 2020 as part of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the spread of Covid-19 virus. At its peak, over 400,000 users travel by all means of land transport including walking the 1,000-metre long bridge.

Source: Twitter/MinistryofTransport Malaysia

The opening of the Causeway today is a significant step towards normalcy for both nations. Called Vaccinated Travel Lane via land crossing (VTL-Land), travelling is only limited to bus transportation with a daily quota not exceeding 1,500 travellers.

The VTL aims to facilitate seamless movement integrating strict and rigorous health protocols, security, immigration clearance as well as quarantine-free travelling. At this initial stage, only the Larkin Sentral Bus terminal in Malaysia and the Queen Street Terminal in Singapore have been designated as boarding and disembarkation points.

Source: Twitter/MinistryofTransport Malaysia

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Only fully-vaccinated individuals who are permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country they are entering will be able to cross the Causeway without the need for quarantine under the VTL Land. Not surprisingly, travellers must have a negative result on the Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) two days before the departure.  

Both governments will continue to monitor and assess the movement of people across the Causeway and increase the quota and bus capacities when the conditions allow. Travellers can visit the web portals for Malaysia (MySafeTravel) or Singapore (SafeTravel) for more detailed information and FAQs regarding travelling between the two countries.


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