Lotus announces name of new sports car – will not feature hybrid systems

In earlier communications, Lotus only identified their new-generation global sportscar as the Lotus Type 131. The sports car company known for lightweight driver-focused machines has now released new information on their latest model, to be called the Emira.

Pronounced as ‘E-meer-a’, the word is featured in numerous ancient languages and often translates to ‘commander’ or ‘leader’. It’s highly appropriate as this is the exciting new sports car leading Lotus to a thrilling new future.

Lotus has also confirmed the Emira will not have electrification or a hybrid system attached to its powertrain. The Emira will be powered by a choice of internal combustion engines (ICE) with an exciting new powertrain partnership. The additional powertrain option will be new to Lotus, highly efficient, use cutting edge technology and be tuned to help deliver that distinctive Lotus experience.

A three-cylinder turbocharged engine from Geely. It is used in the Volvo XC40, the Proton X50 and various Geely models

Lotus has been using Toyota-designed in-line four and V6 engines since the late 90s. Lotus, now a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, could see turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines from the parent company being fitted in the new global sports car.

After the Lotus Emira, every new Lotus car will be electric, which development of the vehicle will also be joint with Alpine, Renault’s performance brand. This new fully electric sports car will use a new flexible and modular platform called E-Sports.     

Speaking to Automotive News Europe back in January, Lotus CEO Phil Popham said that this new ICE sports car “will focus on usability”, and is “designed so you can live with it on a day-to-day basis”. He also said that the new sports car will hopefully broaden Lotus’ appeal in the United States, giving the Hethel-based sportscar maker “quite substantial growth”.

“This car will have a wider price point, and that gives us an opportunity in the US,” said Popham. “To be successful in the sports car market you have to be successful in the US.” Due to legal issues and safety regulations, Lotus currently only has the Evora on sale in the states.

The Emira is said to feature plenty of design and styling cues from the fully-electric Lotus Evija hypercar. Underneath it is one of four new platforms developed by Lotus. Called the “Elemental” architecture, it features the signature Lotus extruded aluminium technology.

The Emira will be unveiled on July 6th at Hethel, Norfolk, where it will be built and will make its public dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed two days later.

Locally in Malaysia, the Lotus brand is also making a comeback (of sorts), through Toycarz Garage, who will now take on the sales and after-sales roles for the Lotus brand in Malaysia.



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