Remember the Uber Surprise we carried out last year with a purple McLaren MP4-12C? Well, we were at it again, but this time with the latest Lotus Evora 400, but that’s not even the best part.

The team from and Uber Malaysia got together again to deliver a surprise for Uber riders within the Klang Valley! It was April Fools’ day and we thought, what better way to surprise these guys by doing things a little… differently?2016-uber-april-fool-2

Unlike the McLaren episode, the Uber riders this time knew full well that our host GC Mah would be arriving in a 400 horsepower British sports car. But before getting there, we sent local comedian Andrew Netto to drop the bomb. What arrived before the eyes of these Uber riders was something  beyond their wildest dreams. To avoid spoiling it for you guys, the best we can do is to tell you to expect something very Malaysian.2016-uber-april-fool-5

Keen on watching the video yet? If so, click on the video below to find out how we pranked these Uber riders on April Fools’ day! Be sure to watch till the end of the video for a bonus scene and to get the special promo code for your first ride with Uber!

Special thanks to Lotus Cars Malaysia for loaning us the gorgeous Evora 400!

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