At the same digital launch event that revealed the motorsport-inspired variants of the Proton Iriz R3 and Proton Saga R3, the national automaker also introduced Black Edition models of the Persona and Exora.

As the name implies, Quartz black was chosen at the company felt the colour suggested a sense of elegance and premium-ness. Black also create a favourable impression.

The Persona and Exora Black Edition models are based on the highest Premium grade of both models. Black highlights are found on the upper grille with gold accents applied to the front and rear lower bumper garnish. Black garnish on the headlamps completes the updates upfront.

The rims continue with the dual-tone finish but now highlighted in gold, with a matching gold sticker running at the lower edge of both vehicles.

Inside, the Proton Persona Black Edition sees the biggest change compared to the Premium variant it is based on. The two-tone black with light grey interior has been switched to an all-black affair, from ceiling to the floor.

Both vehicles have its centre console surrounding the touch screen finished in gold, with the Persona having additional gold highlights on the control dials of the air-conditioner. All Proton cars are now fitted with an N95 cabin filter.

Black leatherette material with contrast stitching wraps the seats of both family-oriented vehicles. The Proton Exora Bold Edition comes with an added overhead monitor.  

Both the Proton Persona and Exora Bold Edition models are limited to just 500 units each.

“The Persona and Exora Black Edition models certainly add a premium feel and implied luxury to our two family-oriented offerings,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar at the digital launch earlier today.

A quick recap of the features of the Proton Persona Black Edition. The engine has outputs of 109 hp and 150 Nm of torque from the 1.6-litre engine paired with a CVT. Features include automatic headlamps, the seven-inch infotainment system with GKUI voice command, push start button, six airbags and a reverse camera.

The Proton Persona Black Edition is priced at RM54,700 on the road, without insurance, and inclusive of the sales tax exemptions valid until the 30th of June 2021.

In the seven-seat Proton Exora Black Edition, the turbocharged engine delivers 140 hp and 205 Nm of torque. Comfort and convenience features include cruise control, touch screen infotainment system, armrest on the front seats, ceiling-mounted rear air-conditioning, reverse camera, two airbags and electronic stability control (ESC).  

The Proton Exora Black Edition meanwhile is priced at RM67,800 under similar sales conditions.


Proton Persona Black Edition

Proton Exora Black Edition