Following the success of last year’s Proton Saga Anniversary Edition where they were sold out just a few days from launch, Proton has launched the new Saga R3 edition.

There will only be 2,000 units of the limited-edition model available, with enhancements solely in the aesthetics department. There are no power upgrades on the 1.3-litre engine paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission introduced in the Saga Premium AT variant, with 95 hp and 120 Nm.

As for the front end, the Saga R3 looks exactly the same as the Anniversary Edition with yellow strips beneath the grille and on the front lower lip. Just to highlight the R3-ness even more, the Saga R3 also comes with a massive sticker across the front and rear windscreen.

On the side, the Saga R3 stands out with additional motorsport-inspired decals across the doors and on the C-pillar glass. The yellow side mirrors and side skirts, along with the 15-inch wheels were previously seen in the Anniversary Edition.

At the rear, the Saga badge has been replaced with an R3 badge, flanked by a “Limited Edition” badge on the left.

Inside, the yellow accents can be found on the steering, along with an “R3 Limited Edition” badge ahead of the front passenger. The yellow accents on the air con vents and meter cluster were previously available in the Anniversary Edition.

The cabin also gets R3 branded carpets, and the words “R3 Limited Edition” embroidered on the leatherette seats. Unlike the Anniversary Edition, the seats are now finished with yellow stitching.

The same yellow stitching can be found the steering of the Saga R3 – a detail previously not available in the Anniversary Edition.

So how much does the R3-sticker edition costs? For the extra effort, it’s yours for RM42,300 with SST exemptions until the 30th of June 2021. Beyond that, it will cost RM42,800. Previously, the Anniversary Edition was priced at RM39,300.