Hyundai dealership in Brazil hires stray dog to be “Professional Consultant”

It all started early last year when the manager at a Hyundai dealership in Brazil noticed a stray dog roaming around the premises. What was thought to be a temporary appearance by the stray turned permanent and now, he’s even got a name and a “new role”!.

He’s called Tucson Prime – named after the company’s mid-size SUV and the Hyundai dealership’s name – and has been hired as the dealership’s “Professional Consultant”. He’s even got his own employee tag!

The story was picked up by the local media and guess what, Tucson is now more famous than the dealership itself; with over 100k followers on Instagram. The local dealership only has 11,000 followers.

The manager of the dealership said they decided to offer Tucson a permanent home because of his ability to greet and interact with customers. Hardly surprising as most dogs have been known to be friendlier than human beings. Apparently, it has improved the work environment in the dealership too.

Customers who have purchased a car from the dealership have also been coming back just to visit Tucson, along with gifts for the canine.

That’s not all, Tucson’s fame and good fortune could further improve as he is expected to star in Hyundai’s upcoming advertising campaign in Brazil!


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