Watch the Toyota GR Yaris go full BEAST MODE!

Stats and figures can only convey so much about a car and since you’ve read and learnt all there is to know about the new, extremely popular Toyota GR Yaris, here’s some audio and visuals to give you a deeper impression of what it’s really about!

According to the channel, the segment of the road was closed due to construction and just for added safety, there were even spotters for traffic by the roadside.

Like the one available in Malaysia, the GR Yaris here also comes with the Circuit Pack that offers 18-inch BBS wheels, a Torsen limited-slip differential and red GR Sports calipers. Interestingly, in Malaysia, the same specifications are labeled as the Performance Pack.

The first thing you’d notice is what a thoroughbred the GR Yaris is. Whether it’s steering or throttle response, the car is just a Doberman in a Poodle’s body – raring to go. It’s just so eager and quick to rev!

Notice how agile the car is as well – changing directions almost telepathically along those narrow B-roads. Even as its tail kicks out, watch how easy it is for the driver to manage the slides.

Look closely and you’ll also notice how crisps the gear changes are, with short throws for quicker shifts.

If you’ve not given the GR Yaris any thought, this should make you take a second look. If you’re crazy about it, this should make you depressed for having weak finances.

If that wasn’t enough to show what the GR Yaris can do, the driver even quoted, “The footage was not sped up, I have no reason to do so”.

He added, “The car could actually go even faster but this is right around my limit where I felt comfortable driving it. It is truly a proper little monster!”


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