Masking up is now second nature for all of us when we’re heading out, but we often forget that our cars need to “mask up” as well – and not just during the ongoing Covid-19 health pandemic! Studies have shown that in-car air quality can be up to 15 times more polluted than the air outside, and a staggering 64% of drivers have noticed exhaust or unpleasant smells in the car while 58% have experienced dusty air.

These often come as a result of not replacing the clogged-up cabin air filters, not to be mistaken with the air filters in your engine bay. Luckily for us then, Bosch has sent over a couple of their new Aeristo Premium cabin air filters for us to check out!

The Bosch Aeristo Premium cabin filters are made of woven and layered electrostatically-charged material, that is capable of filtering up to 98% of fine particles and air pollutants as small as 2.5 microns. For context, pollens – which commonly cause respiratory issues such as asthma – is around the region of 30-40 microns, while a strand of hair is just 50-70 microns in diameter.

There’s also an activated carbon layer, which is made of coconut shell with higher filtration and absorption capacity than those made of wood or coal. The activated carbon aids in removing foul smells from the cabin such as smog and exhaust gases, or even your smelly socks, keeping your cabin smelling fresh.

Perhaps most importantly in this day and age is the natural polyphenol layer made out of plants, which has the ability to restrain viruses by decomposing the virus protein. Similarly, it has an anti-bacterial agent that prevents bacteria growth, blocking out harmful bacteria in the air flowing into the cabin.

If you’re interested in keeping your cabin air clean and safe for yourself and your family, the Bosch Aeristo Premium cabin filter is now available on Shopee with prices starting from RM58. Bosch recommends replacing your car cabin air filter every year or every 15,000 km, whichever comes first.

And if you need a tutorial on how to replace these by yourselves, here’s a tutorial we made to help you through the simple process.

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