Never lose your GPS signal in the Smart Tunnel again with Waze Beacons

U Mobile, Waze and SMART Tunnel has partnered up to ensure that you’ll never lose your GPS signal in the Smart Tunnel again with the installation of Bluetooth-enabled Waze Beacons along the tunnel.

These Waze Beacons ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity along the tunnel where GPS signal is poor, through wireless signals that guide navigation apps. Drivers merely need to ensure that the Bluetooth connection on their devices is switched on.

To date, nearly 240 “Waze Beacons” have been installed along the 5.2 km tunnel but that’s not all. The best part is, you don’t even need to be a U-Mobile user!

U-Mobile, Chief Marketing Officer, Jasmine Lee said, “This partnership with Waze and SMART Tunnel has made U Mobile the first telco in the world to power uninterrupted GPS navigation in a tunnel. With Waze’s Beacons, all mobile device users, regardless of which telco service they are subscribed to, will now be able to leverage on the full features of Waze uninterrupted throughout the tunnel.”

“With 30,000 commuters using the SMART Tunnel daily, we’re happy to collaborate with U Mobile and SMART to ease traffic congestion and reduce drivers’ hesitation and confusion caused by signal loss,” says Waze Malaysia, Country Lead, Kelvin Sim.

Waze engineer and Global Lead of the Waze Beacons programme, Gil Disatnik added, “We are excited to bring the Waze Beacons programme to the SMART Tunnel, the very first double-decker tunnel in the world to be fitted with Waze Beacons to provide seamless navigation to commuters in Malaysia.

Image source: Automology


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