Police urges public not to alert traffic offenders using Waze

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is urging the public to not share information on roadblock operations through the Waze navigation app, Bernama reported.

KL Police Chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim said that such an act will only prevent enforcement against drivers who are under the influence and other who have committed traffic offenses. Azmi also highlighted the potential dangers faced by other road users when encountering a reckless drunk driver, someone running the red light or driving against traffic and others.

“For those who have never suffered an accident caused by or been affected by the consequences of a reckless driver would never understand the pain and suffering of the victim’s family,” said Azmi.

“With that, I hope that the public, especially road users, will give their cooperation to the police and not aid these traffic offenders instead,” he added.

The request by the KL Police Chief has not sat well with some quarters. According to SAYS, netizens have complained that these roadblocks, especially those conducted during peak hours, cause traffic congestions and further inconvenience those with urgent matters to attend to. This is especially when all lanes are reduced to just one.

Another user even commented that motorists should continue using their high beams to alert road users in the opposite direction of roadblocks ahead. What are your thoughts on this, let us know!


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