Waze now shows how much it’ll cost you to take the toll roads

Waze, the popular community-driven navigation application, have now added the brand-new Toll Prices feature in Malaysia to display the approximate toll fees along your selected route.

Toll Prices was made possible thanks to over 30,000 monthly active map editors, says Waze. Six users in particular – Kadyus, Kweeheng, Rickylo103, EpailXi, Izuaniz and Lutfi_bihar, helped collect and input toll prices into the application.

The feature, which is compatible with high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes, is automatically enabled for all Malaysian Waze users. If the generated route includes a toll road, a toll tag will be displayed on the route.

Estimated toll prices are also shown during route selection, enabling drivers to now make planning decisions based on both estimated time and toll costs ahead of time.

Waze Product Manager, Moriah Royz said, “Until now, Waze was trying to reduce your time spent in traffic – now, we’re also helping our users save as much money as possible by giving them the absolute best choice of routes, based both on ETA and potential costs of tolls along the way. “

The Google-owned navigation application will be working with their community to make the Toll Prices feature available in more markets as soon as possible.


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