It’s December again! For some of us statistics nerds, it is indeed the most beautiful time of the year, as companies compile their data for a year-end review.

We’re sure all of us have already seen our Spotify Wrapped 2019 showcase, but have you ever wondered what are the most played songs while driving? Waze has helpfully compiled a top-10 list of songs streamed while using the navigation app:

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It’s probably not a surprise that most of the songs listed here are a mirror of the top tracks played on Spotify this year. The list includes some of the hottest Pop artists in recent years, including Billie Eillish, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga.

However, the last entry in the list stood out to us the most. It seems that many of you are like us, constantly belting out the rock classic while driving too – or maybe it’s on this list because of us? We’d probably never know.

If you want to relive the top tracks of the year, here’s a handy little playlist with the top 10 streamed songs by Wazers this year. Now please excuse us, as we return to singing Mama, just killed a man…

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