The Movement Control Order (MCO) has been in effect for almost an entire month now, but just how well have Malaysians been complying to the directives? According to data from Waze, we’ve done a pretty sterling job so far!

According to Waze, traffic on Malaysian roads were significantly reduced (by approximately 80%) during the MCO period, compared to the daily average recorded between 11 February to 25 February 2020. The statistic mirrors, but exceeds the global trend of 60% in traffic reduction.

Despite the sharp reduction in traffic, many essential journeys still have to be made every day – be it grocery runs, seeking medical help, or essential workers travelling to-and-fro work.

In support of these road users, Waze map editors and Crisis Response teams have begun working with 58 countries (and counting) to add region-specific relief efforts, such as road closures and red-zones to the map.

Drastic drop in traffic within Kuala Lumpur since 18 March.

The crowd-sourcing navigation app has also rolled-out a COVID-19 landing page, urging governments to contribute data on medical testing a well as welfare centre locations to help improve its map information for its users.

If you own a business and is listed on the Waze directory, you can also now add specific “curbside pick-up” or “drive-through” badges to your business listing to help promote social distancing measures.

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