Waze, the social navigation application has just released their rush hour guide for the upcoming Ramadan month and listed some tips for road users to beat the crowd in Klang Valley during this fasting month.

One tip that is most relevant to all of us is the best and worst times to visit the petrol station. According to Waze, if you want to avoid a potential queue be sure to be at the stations before 8 am and after 7 pm. Peak hours at petrol stations are between 3 to 6 pm where most people would refuel on their way home after work.

If you have to visit the malls, 7 pm onwards is when the crowd starts to disperse while 5 pm to 6 pm is when shopping centres tend to be busy as shoppers tend to be there before Buka Puasa.

Those looking during to dine at fast food joints and are not a fan of crowds (like yours truly) will have to wait out till 9 pm onwards. Waze estimates that 4 pm to 7 pm would be peak hours as individuals are getting ready to Buka Puasa with their friends and family.

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