E46 BMW M3 shows A90 Toyota Supra who’s boss

Before you jump into the argument on the new Supra not being a “real Supra”, let’s clear the air a little – the E46 M3 isn’t a real M3 either. It’s powered by a 2JZ engine from the A80 Toyota Supra – the very engine that all the narrow-minded enthusiasts had hoped to see Toyota redevelop for the new A90 Supra.

For starters, both the E46 BMW M3 and the A90 Toyota Supra have been Speed Academy’s project cars for some time now. Before you start hating on the new Supra again, let’s set a few things straight.

While the new Supra may have undergone some upgrades, the E46 M3’s engine makes in excess of 500 hp – nearly 200 hp more than what it’s original, naturally-aspirated 3.2-litre 6 cylinder engine makes out of the factory. It’s also far more superior compared to what the stock A90 Supra makes at 340 hp although our dyno test results showed otherwise.

From the video, it’s clear which of the two is more superior in terms of outright power and acceleration but it also makes you realise, power isn’t everything without control – even more so if it overwhelms the car beyond what it’s built to handle.

Following the Sales Tax Exemption, here’s the updated price list for Toyota and BMW vehicles in Malaysia.


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