Toyota Supra’s 2JZ engine is so powerful, its tyres just gave up

The 4th generation A80 Toyota Supra is the stuff of legends. Over the years, we’ve seen 500 hp, 700 hp and even 1,000 hp builds but it seems even the sky isn’t the limit for the Supra’s mighty 2JZ engine, on the topic of making power.

We bring you this video from the Middle East; where the Supra owned by Ahmad Daham, a professional drifter from Jordan is being tuned on the dyno by NMK Performance.

The Supra’s standard 2JZ 3.0-litre engine of the Mk4 has been upgraded (or rather stroked, in tuning speak) to 3.2-litres. Marry that with tonnes of other top shelf upgrades and the Supra is now said to be pushing out over 1,400 hp.

According to NMK performance, the Supra has achieved some incredible milestones. It is the first 3.2-litre Supra in Jordan and the first 2JZ Supra to rev over 9,000 rpm in the country, with a top speed of over 300 km/h.

Now watch how the Supra and its 2JZ engine absolutely tears its rear drag tyres apart, as it exceeds 275km/h on the dyno. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the tuning and filming process, according to NMK Performance.

For more insights on the development of the monster Supra, watch Ahmad Daham’s videos here!

Speaking of the Supra on a dyno, we did a little test of our own as well on the A90 Toyota Supra that arrived in Malaysia last year. This follows after reports that the Supra’s B58 3.0-litre BMW engine actually made more power than advertised. Just how much more? Watch it here!


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