According to TheStar, while many are adhering to the Movement Control Order, which has now been extended to the 14th of April 2020, some are giving the plain ridiculous excuses at the roadblocks.

Some needed screwdrivers while some claimed only the missus knows what groceries to get.

This was reported by Serdang OCPD Asst Comm when a car with two passengers were stopped with the husband claiming that his wife was better off with the groceries. Such a statement should be embarrassing for a grown man to think of, let alone spoken out loud.

While it’s understandable that perhaps with all the free time, one is more inclined to notice some maintenance work required for the household but if it can wait, it should be put on hold.

Nothing is more important than not contracting the virus and bringing it back to your household.

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“There are some from the outskirts who thought it’d be a nice to drive around the city due to the lack of cars while some are in KL from a faraway district just to buy food,” said Dang Wangi OCPD, Asst Comm, Mohd Fahmi Visuvanathan Abdullah in the same report.

In Penang, authorities have also reported that some have attempted to cross the Penang Bridge into the island for some Nasi Kandar. Some people just can’t handle the slightest inconvenience, change, “pain and suffering”.

Authorities have said that those caught wandering about for no good reason will spend time in the slammer but truth be told, with these guys, nothing short of a draconian approach will do.

Catch them, throw them into the front line to watch what our first responders are going through – that’ll show them.