Here’s five car chase scenes from the 90s to revisit

I’m going to be real with you guys. The rate of human idiocy is spiking at unprecedented levels in every part of town and country – with those refusing to come forward for testing and some still loitering like it’s just another day.

As such Covid-19 has shown what it can do to the stubborn and the less intelligent but guess what, there is a silver lining (somewhat; just bad timing).

There’s no better time to tell the boss to get off your back, stay put at home, and binge on movies like there is no tomorrow (cause there might not be). So here’s five chase scenes from the movies of yesteryear worth revisiting.


Right, there weren’t any car chase scenes in this save for the one where Keanu Reeves tried to get on the bomb-strapped bus but there were some memorable scenes – like the one where the same bus jumped a gap on an uncompleted highway as if it had wings.

Who’d also forget how nerve-wrecking it was watching the bus passengers being transferred to safety, leaving only Bullock and Reeves behind? If this timeless classic has slipped your memory, it’s time to make use of the coming weekend.

The Rock

This Michael Bay film has left a longer lasting impression that I thought. Not only do I remember the Hummer H1 vs Ferrari F355 chase scene like it was just yesterday, as an eight year old, it sparked my adoration for the car – something that has lasted till this day.

It’s still the only Ferrari worth losing your reproductive organ for and I’m sure most would agree. The Ferrari also gets crushed by a tram in the end and rumour was that it was a replica made out of a Pontiac.


The plot of the movie might come off as confusing to most, but there is no confusing the car chase scene involving a E34 BMW M5, a Peugeot 406 and the tight alleyways of Paris.

Touted as one of the best car chase scenes since Steve McQueen’s “Bullit”, it remains the most talked about till this day but only for those precious few minutes as the movie, with an reported budget of only USD55 million, tanked after raking in just USD70 million.


Not only did it put Jason Statham on the map, the E38 BMW 7 Series surely sparked a deeper love among us for the brand. The car used was supposedly a 750iL with a V12 engine and a manual gearbox (for a more dramatic effect) but was identified as a 735i in the movie.

BMW never made another V12 with a manual transmission, although they really should have.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

“Hasta la vista baby”, “I’ll be back”, “Come with me if you want to live” – these were only just some of the iconic quotes (and moments) in the movie.

The rest, for some reason, involved trucks and at this point, Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the peak of his powers, apparently commanding USD15 million to reprise his role in the James Cameron franchise – no wonder he kept coming back *wink*


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