It’s called that for good reason as both are some of the biggest SUVs you can buy. While both make about the same power, check out how weight plays its part in a drag race.

Both weigh in excess of two tonnes – the F15 X5M at around 2,385 kg while the G63 weighs some 300 kg more at a whopping 2,645 kg.

That’s a huge disadvantage to make up for even though the AMG G63, with its 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8, makes about 563 hp and 760Nm.

The BMW on the other hand makes 567 hp and 750 Nm from a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. (all specifications including weight published are as per video)

Here’s what we thought about the latest AMG G63.

Even though the G63 had the better start in both runs; even jumping the gun on the second run, the X5M was not going to just sit still and watch the AMG gallop into the horizon.

It’s a deja vu of the pick-up truck drag race we did recently, when the most powerful truck, the Nissan Navarra, among others including the D-Max, Hilux, and Ranger, lost outright to the Mitsubishi Triton.

If you’ve been following our videos on YouTube, you would’ve also seen our video of the Toyota Supra going against the BMW M2 Competition.

That was another surprising race as both weighed the same but the M2 Competition was far superior in terms of torque figures.