Gallery: Mercedes-AMG G63 – A RM1.4 million tower of magnificence

Ever since we returned the car to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, not a day has gone by without us missing the Mercedes-AMG G63.

It not the fastest, sleekest or the most dynamic vehicle we’ve tested but as an overall package and a fashion statement if you will, it’s second only to a very select few.

And what we missed most about the G-wagon was the way it accelerates, and how it sounds doing so.

Whether you’re just feathering the throttle pedal, or violently smashing it, the soundtrack that accompanies that sheer acceleration, is nothing short of intoxicating.

You can even say it was addictive – never have we spent so much on fuel in so little time on a test car before but in the Gelandewagen’s case, it was money we were happy to see turn into smoke.

You’d never believe nor even think a 2.5-tonne vehicle could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds but the G63 makes it look so effortless, and will leave the Volkswagen Golf R or the Mercedes-AMG GLA45 for dust.

While it may still sport a boxy exterior, a quick comparison with its predecessor will show that the new G63 AMG is actually a lot rounder on the edges and I don’t believe it would ever look any better than this.

Given the sheer size, you’d think that it’ll be a nightmare to maneuver around and you’re right but with time and practise, it’s just like driving any other pick-up through crowded commercial centres or neighbourhoods.

Despite its sheer size, the cabin isn’t actually as spacious as you’d expect it to be but what’s really cool, is that the G63 will make the front two passengers feel as if they’re sitting in a room, instead of the cabin of a car.

That’s because the front windshield of the G63 is nearly upright, instead of being positioned at 45-degrees or so, like in most cars.

To find out what other cool stuff the G63 AMG possesses, check out this walkaround video by yours truly.



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