BHPetrol serves up new Infiniti RON 95 Euro4M

This is in line with the government’s directive for all fuel providers to supply RON95 petrol formulated to meet the Euro4M standard from 1st of January 2020.

With the higher quality Euro4M fuel, the sulphur content has been significantly reduced to 50 parts per million (ppm) from 500 ppm previously allowed for the Euro2M standard. The reduction of sulphur means that exhaust emissions will be cleaner and will benefit the environment in the long run.

Reduced sulphur content also decreases the engine’s acid levels, extending the life of the engine with less clogging in the fuel delivery system.

The new Infiniti RON95 Euro4M also contains fuel additives with various functions such as cleaning and preventing deposit formation as well as reducing internal friction.

“Our tankers have been delivering the upgraded BHPetrol Infiniti RON95 Euro4M to stations nationwide since the final week of 2019. We are proud to confirm that all our BHPetrol stations nationwide now supply only Infiniti RON95 petrol with the Euro4M standard,” said Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Acting CEO, Ir. Azizul Azily Ahmad.

Currently, there are about 400 BHPetrol stations around the country and 290 include a BHPetromart convenience store. In recent weeks, Petronas and Petron has also announced the availability of the RON95 Euro4M fuel at their stations.


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