The all-new Kia K5 fastback sedan simply takes your breath away

There is life after all for the good ’ol four-door saloon, they morph to become sporty-looking fastbacks. In the case of the new generation Kia K5, it’s all looking rather promising, if you haven’t set your mind on getting an SUV, that is.

While the attention is obviously on the oh-so-sexy rump of the car, the front of the K5 showcases Kia’s new ‘Tiger Nose Evolution’ look which ‘integrates the grille and headlamps more organically than previous iterations of the K5’, according to Kia. We can only nod in agreement – it looks fantastic.

Kia says the grille is modeled after the texture of shark skin and is made of a matrix of interlocking elements for a ‘dynamic’ look, joining the headlamps which features a ‘heartbeat’ daytime running lights. No details were revealed as to why they are referred to as such, we can only guess that the illumination probably ‘pulse’ at some point.

Elsewhere, the sheet metal now is now more chiselled and has greater surface tension, narrowing at the midpoint between the wheel arches. Of course, nobody can miss the chrome strip which runs from the A pillars all the way to the trunk lid, finished off by a full-width rear light cluster.

If the K5 bears some resemblance to the equally bold-looking Hyundai Sonata, it’s no coincidence as they are both built on the same D-segment platform. The new K5 will go on sale in Korea in December, so expect more details to emerge, particularly its interior design and active safety technologies.


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