Round two of the Toyota Vios Challenge drew to a close after two days of drama-filled racing, with more than 10,000 spectators attending the race-weekend at the Bandar Malaysia circuit.

Noise and smell filled the air as dozens of race-specification Toyota Vios took to the airstrip-based circuit, featuring 1.2km of straights and 10 corners. Here are the results after two days of exciting races:


After a thrilling three-way battle at the front, SMS Motorsports’ Haji Sutan Mustaffa Salihin clinched victory ahead of 17-year-old Bradley Benedict Anthony of Dream Chaser, with Dannies Ng taking home third position. 

Sutan led the race from pole position, but it was far from a walk in the park as Bradley’s relentless charge forced him into defense. 

Bradley, however, did not manage to find his way around the leader throughout the 20-lap race. His aggression even lead him into a mistake, losing track position to Dannies momentarily before regaining it two laps later when the latter missed a gearshift. 


In the grid of professional racing drivers, Kegani Racing’s Kenny Lee drove to a textbook finish from pole position, denying 23 Motors’ Tengku Djan Ley of a double race victory. Coming in third is Laser Motor Racing’s Mark Darwin.

Starting from sixth on the grid, Tengku Djan Ley managed to slingshot himself to third from the get go due to an incident ahead of him. Combined with his victory in Race 1, Tengku Djan concludes the weekend by leading the overall point standings. 


TV presenter and comedian Nabil Ahmad managed to lead the pack of celebrities from lap one to the chequered flag despite starting fourth, with singers Khai Bahar and Nabila Razali trailing in second and third positions respectively. 

Drama broke out in the promotional class when Shukri, running in third place, was knocked out by Shawn Lee when the latter missed his braking point. Meanwhile, actress Diana Danielle found herself pointing in the wrong direction due to a nudge from actor Syafiq Kyle.

Besides the high-octane racing, spectators were also treated with drift performances by professional Japanese drivers and a concert. Toyota’s fleet of vehicles were also available for test drive, alongside racing simulator and beyblade challenges. 

Visitors to the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival were also able to get up close and personal with the the all new Toyota GR Supra, fitted with TRD carbon fibre parts.