As you’ve known, Volkswagen has literally driven E-mobility to the top with the fully-electric ID.R on Tianmen Mountain recently.

The man behind the wheel, Romain Dumas, ascended the 10.9 km road in just 7:38.585 – managing short bursts of 230 km/h through short straights and narrow tunnels – breaking all records before him.

If that’s hard to imagine, you might wanna wrap your head around this incredible feat with this quick 7-minute video.

The route up ‘Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road’ was a real challenge for the 680 hp ID.R – powered by two electric motors – with 99 hairpins and 164 braking manoeuvres.

The ID.R now holds the all-time record on Pikes Peak and at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as well as the electric lap record on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and now the fastest time on Tianmen Mountain in China.

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Pan Eu Jin
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