Things you always wanted to know about EV ownership

The second-generation Nissan Leaf was recently launched in Singapore, Thailand and Australia, it will be Malaysia’s turn tomorrow. And while electric cars sales continue to gain momentum in various parts of the world, its propagation remains subject to governmental policies that support zero-emission mobility, something which carmakers do not have control over. What they can do is to try to win over customers by addressing the inherent concerns of EV ownership.

Do I need rapid charging or normal charging?

In a four-part series dubbed ‘Demystifying Electric Vehicles’, Nissan looks at key areas, namely charging, range, driving and ownership of an electric car which generate the most questions. What happens when it rains, can I charge the car? Would I have enough battery to last a full day of driving? Are electric cars fun to drive or will they bore me?

Can I charge an EV when it’s raining?

Watch the videos below, give it a try and see if your EV knowledge beats that of Tim Jarvis, Australian explorer and environmental scientist, and Naya Ehrlich-Adam, founder of sustainable food business Broccoli Revolution in Bangkok, as they take on the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Part 1: Charging
Part 2: Range
Part 3: Driving
Part 4: Ownership


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