With the on-going recalls for the Toyota Rush in Philippines, UMW Toyota Motor has issued a statement to address the matter.

It has been found that the sensor for the airbags in the Philippines’ market Toyota Rush can easily be triggered by vibrations, causing the curtain airbag to deploy when going over road bumps at over 60 km/h.

Have you checked out Adrian’s review of the Perodua Aruz yet?

Perodua recently announced that 3,000 units of the Aruz have been recalled for inspection and replacement of the potentially faulty part as a mere precaution. As of March 2018, over 4,000 units of the Perodua 7-seater have been delivered after 14,000 bookings were recorded since since January.

Although both the Rush and Aruz are essentially the same, UMW Toyota assures that the locally-sold Toyota Rush is not affected by this problem.


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