Where else to prove that the new Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback can still hold its own even after the adoption of the less than favourable torsion beam suspension system? Well, at the Sepang International Circuit of course.

Over the last weekend, Bermaz Motor, official distributors of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia invited pretty much everyone from the industry to try out their new product – to evaluate them in terms of NVH, refinement and vehicle dynamics.

And it’s safe to assume it did not disappoint as we’ve not heard Adrian mutter “Oh my god” so excessively in a video before. For someone who is usually calm and composed when evaluating cars, his reactions shows there’s much to be excited over.

Most should be wondering how a puny 1.5-litre engine, with merely 118 hp and 153 Nm, would cope when hauling a near 1.4 tonne vehicle but it seems, even on track, the Mazda3 did not disappoint; by 1.5-litre engine standards of course.

In the video, you’d also see the Mazda3 being put through a slalom test which not only displayed the car’s dynamics but also the effects of Mazda’s GVC Plus system.

Prices for the new Mazda3 starts from RM139,770 for the 1.5-litre hatchback and sedan models while the top end 2.0-litre “High Plus” models will set you back RM160,059.

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Pan Eu Jin
Regularly spend countless hours online looking at cars and parts I can't afford to buy. How a car makes you feel behind the wheel should be more important than the brand it represents - unless resale value is your thing.