Waze has announced that users are now able to download Leona Chin’s voice from the app. Yes, our renowned motorsport darling Leona Chin will be giving Malaysian Wazers a dose of her bubbly personality as a new voice option in conjunction with this year’s United Nations (UN) Road Safety Week.

“For this UN safety week, we are very excited to have Leona’s voice available in-app for all to use. Both safety and fun have always been important to Waze, so we thought that someone with a bubbly personality and who understands driving well would be a suitable choice to share safety reminders in a fun way,” said Kelvin Sim, Country Manager of Waze Malaysia.

“When it comes to motorsports, I think everyone believes it is all about speed, but the truth is, as motorsport athletes, we value safety above all else. I’m very glad to be a part of this opportunity as I believe in the importance of safety reminders and tips to all road users. I want all Malaysian drivers to remember never to take road safety for granted!”, said the Leona Chin.

To download her voice, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap the Menu , then Settings
  2. Tap Voice & Sound
  3. Tap Waze voice
  4. Select “English (UK) – Leona Chin” from the list available under Voice directions

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