Car tint rules amended, darker windows are now allowed

In the latest announcement made by transport minister YB Anthony Loke, the new rules for vehicle window tinting allow for darker rear windows on all private vehicles.

The existing rule of Visible Light Transmission level (VLT) for the front windscreen and front side windows remain at 70 percent and 50 percent respectively. According to Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ), they stated that it’s permissible to have the rear windows in any VLT percentage once the new rules take effect on 8th of May 2019.

You can now go for the all-dark privacy glass look, subject to a few conditions.

However, those who need to have darker front windows for security purposes can submit an application for RM 50. The application will then go through a special committee to ensure the applicant has a clean record and once approved, a fee of RM 5,000 will be imposed and the application is valid for two years.

Those who are applying for health reasons are exempt from charges, provided they have written confirmation from government medical specialist.


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