Drift queen Leona Chin rushes to pregnant woman’s aid

The Subang Jaya lass has given us and the Internet a positive story to share amid this Covid-19 shit storm.

It all started with a Facebook post by Kuan Chee Heng, more famously known as “Uncle Kentang“, regarding the plight of an Indonesian woman who was at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, desperately needing to deliver her child after her water broke.

She was said to be married to a Malaysian man but at that point couldn’t produce documents such as the “surat nikah”. Given her uncertain residential status, the hospital had apparently requested for a RM2,800 deposit before she could be attended to.

Word was that she was left unattended to and was in pain for more than 12 hours – ironically, being at the one place that could’ve done something about her situation.

Upon reading the Facebook post, Leona who had been assisting Kuan with various charity work over the years, immediately contacted the affected parties including Kuan and rushed to the hospital within minutes of seeing Kuan’s plea to the public for whatever financial aid netizens could offer.

Thankfully, the child was safely delivered and both mother and child were said to be in good health.

In these trying times, especially with the widespread Covid-19 virus, it’s understandable that perhaps hospitals are being overwhelmed but to turn away a desperate couple looking to deliver a newborn regardless of their residential or marital status is just unfathomable. Don’t doctors take vows against such situations?

As one netizen even commented, “xkawin ke x register ke… Bgi la dia brsalin dulu.. Nyawa kut… Hkl xkn pntingkan duit dr nyawa? Mne perikemanusiaan? Ttup ke hkl klu bgi dia bsalin tnpa byrn dlu…

In normal speak, what she meant was, “Regardless of the couple’s situation, couldn’t they have helped her deliver her child safely before all else? As it involves a human life? Is HKL prioritising money over life? Where’s the compassion? Would HKL close down if they helped her deliver before payment?”

As for the question of who Kuan is, a little digging revealed that he’s a retired police officer who has formed a “Community Policing” organisation – a modern take on the Rukun Tetangga – to help combat petty crimes in neighbourhoods around Malaysia.

Aside from ensuring the peace of Malaysian folks, the organisation also tries to understand why these crimes were committed as some do so purely out of financial desperation. He even goes to the extent of finding jobs for the needy.

Kuan has also managed to procure an ambulance, partly sponsored by Petron, for those with financial difficulties. It’s said that he even opens his house up for the public to drop off donations and also for the needy to sort help.


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