The 2018 Toyota Century brings back the cool in retro designs

Contrary to popular believe, Toyota’s flagship limousine doesn’t wear a Lexus badge. Instead, that title belongs to the forgotten-by-this-generation Toyota Century, where only two generations have been introduced over its five decades of existence. Now, a new third-generation  Toyota Century is expected in 2018, not before its unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

The new model doesn’t look too different from its two predecessors. Its retro aesthetics is similar to Honda’s approach with Urban EV concept, wherein it adopts retro design cues with the adaptation of modern features. It’s essentially bigger and longer than before, and its wheelbase of 3,090 mm means cabin space will be generous and abundant spacious and comfortable, as its intended demographics would need.

As for the interior, the rear seats are strictly for two fortunate souls with seat upholstery made of 100% wool with leather upholstery available as an option though. Fit for the elite and captains of the industry, it comes with a massaging function, powered leg rests, 20-speaker stereo and a writing table. The latter should be perfect for issuing cheques or holding a glass of champagne…

Gone is the v12 engine from the previous models and instead, it’s now a hybrid where a 5.0-liter 2UR-FSE V8 petrol engine is paired with a two-stage electric motor. Toyota has yet to unveil its power and fuel consumption figures however, in line with newer Toyota offerings, the Century is equipped with collision avoidance support, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.




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