Remember that invoice that was making the rounds on Facebook just after Romain Grosjean’s (of Haas F1 Team) crash? Well, it’s been established that it’s more fake than Donald Trump’s majestic comb over.

But guess what, it wasn’t the end of the saga as according to reports by Autoweek, the actual bill which Haas F1 Team is planning to dish out at Sepang’s officials is even higher!

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If you’ve not read the papers or tuned in to F1 related news recently, long story short, during the recent and final edition of the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang, Romain Grosjean of Haas F1 team spun out after a supposed welding failure caused the drain cover to dislodge. That led to the puncture of his rear tyres, sending him to the barriers after losing control of his race car at speeds in excess of 170 mph (273 km/h).

Thankfully, Grosjean walked away uninjured but his team felt the real pain with damages to the new floor and front wing – to the tune of almost RM 3 million according to reports.

Haas F1 team principal reportedly called the situation “unacceptable” and “not up to the standards” required of F1 tracks – a thought that perhaps the spectators would have an opinion on themselves regarding the facilities. Despite having insured the car, let’s keep the speculating down to a minimum as we anticipate a response from the Sepang International Circui officials.

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