The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is already on track to be an exciting one as it promises a series of interesting and rather quirky showcases by Toyota alone. There is the automatic GR HV SPORTS Concept which allows you to shift gears as if it were a manual with a push of a button and then this, the Tj Cruiser.

Like a cross between with the Bentayga with its imposing headlamps and the H2 Hummer with its sloping front bonnet, the T and J in its name stands for “Toolbox” and “Joy”. The Cruiser bit is meant to express the power of the vehicle and like the boxy Nissan Cube, they couldn’t have named it more appropriately.

Inside its square-shaped cabin, the front and rear passenger seats can be reclined completely flat for storing items of up to three metres in length. Also there are numerous tie-down points within the interior to enable easy anchoring of items from small packages to longer objects while the large openings of the MPV-like sliding doors enable easy loading and unloading.

On the outside, the hood, rood and fenders use materials with special coasting are scratch and dirt resistant. The Tj Cruiser is said to be powered with a 2.0-liter engine that is optimised with a hybrid system – which will power front-wheel and four-wheel drive drivetrains.


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Pan Eu Jin
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