Last week, Michelin Malaysia hosted a regional launch of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S (PS4S) at Sentul International Circuit, Jakarta (SIC). The company has since released the full available sizes for its ultra-high performance (UHP) – 11 different sizes for wheels measuring at 19 and 20-inch in diameter.

Developed in partnership with Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, BMW’s M division and Mercedes-AMG, the PS4S is the replacement of the UHP Pilot Super Sport. Michelin claims that the PS4S delivers superior handling capabilities, shorter braking distance in wet and dry roads as well as extended longevity.

While the 11 sizes available is significantly lesser than the 49 sizes available previously on the PSS, Michelin Malaysia said that they will be introducing more sizes in the future. For now the available sizes are as follows:


SectionRim Size (inch)Load Index Speed Rating

We had the opportunity to have a go in the Mercedes-Benz E250 fitted with PS4S one lap around SIC against its closest competitor the Pirelli P Zero. Our seat time with the PS4S was extremely short but after driving the two brands back to back, the most apparent advantage the PS4S have over the P Zeros is steering progressiveness.

The PS4S was extremely predictable during the emergency lane change manoeuvres and needed only a little steering suggestion to straighten the car whereas the P Zeros had trouble finding its composure. The “Dynamic Response” technology that ensures steering input is accurately translated to the vehicle’s direction change is definitely not just marketing fluff. But don’t take it from me, watch as Leona Chin puts a BMW 340i on PS4S through its paces around Thermal Race Track in California, USA.

The PS4S is now available at all TyrePlus outlets and authorised Michelin distributors nationwide. Prices for the PS4S starts from RM1,100.