Nissan Almera gains Android Auto support in Malaysia – prices unchanged

Good news to all Malaysian Android users out there looking to buy a Nissan Almera, as the brand’s sole distributor in Malaysia – Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has announced on its official social media pages that it has given the car a much-needed upgrade, which is Android Auto support. The new feature now joins Apple CarPlay which has been available with the second-generation Nissan Almera since its original Malaysian market launch in 2020.

As expected, the Android Auto compatibility function is only available for variants of the Malaysian-spec Nissan Almera that come equipped with the 8-inch touchscreen head unit, namely the mid-range VLP and top-spec VLT variants. This will now make the experience of using certain apps such as Google Maps and Waze in the car a much safer process than ever before, without unnecessary distractions.

As for existing units of the Nissan Almera that are currently running on Malaysian roads, ETCM has yet to announce if those will gain Android Auto support too. It is also to note that besides the Android Auto compatibility function, everything else in the Nissan Almera remains untouched.

This includes the same 1.0-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine paired with the brand’s X-Tronic CVT gearbox. This results in a total of 100 hp (metric) and 152 Nm, with power sent to the front wheels only.

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Nissan Almera with Tomei Aero kit

Prices for the Nissan Almera in Malaysia remain the same as before. The entry-level VL variant costs RM83,888, while the higher-end VLP and VLT variants cost RM89,888 and RM95,888 respectively. These prices are all on-the-road, without insurance.

Customers who desire additional sportiness may also add the RM1,000 Tomei Aero package to their Nissan Almera. Otherwise, the kit would cost RM8,000 if purchased separately.

Nissan Almera with Tomei Aero kit

ETCM has also yet to announce news regarding the second-generation Nissan Almera facelift’s availability in Malaysia thus far. Just in case you didn’t know, the facelifted Nissan B-segment sedan has thus far made its launch in Thailand and the Philippines over the past few months with updated looks and updated safety kit.

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