Toyota Veloz now offered with optional Style-Up body kit – RM3,300

UMW Toyota Motor is now offering customers a new Style-Up body kit for the Toyota Veloz, for customers who are looking to further spice up the looks of the MPV.

Available as an RM3,300 optional extra during checkout, the Style-Up aerokit consists of five individual components: front bumper spoiler, rear bumper spoiler, side door claddings (both sides), and a roof-mounted spoiler.

The kit is quite aggressive in appearance, with a significant use of gloss black to completely change the MPV’s character – from a classy family-friendly MPV to something a young’un would appreciate. The gloss black also pairs particularly well with the two-tone colour options (optional, RM1,300), especially for the bold roof spoiler at the rear.

The Toyota Veloz’s Style-Up body kit is an interesting alternative to Perodua’s GearUp accessories, which seems to be quite well received by its customers – particularly the younger generation. This particular kit, however, feels a little like ‘Uno reverse’, as it is much more aggressive in appearance in comparison to Perodua’s accessories for the Alza – well, to us anyway. Let us know what you think about the Style-Up aerokit in the comments below.

As a recap, the Toyota Veloz is available in Malaysia in a single variant, priced at RM95,000 on-the-road, without insurance. The aforementioned Style-Up body kit brings the total price up to RM98,300, and if you want to go the full nine yards, an extra rear dashcam and the two-tone paint job will bring the total figure up to RM99,980.

That’s a significant premium over the Perodua Alza, which tops out at RM78,000 for the range-topping AV variant with the GearUp bodykit. So what do you get for that extra dough? Check out our detailed comparison here.

ALSO WATCH: Toyota Veloz 7-seater MPV, the Alza’s more ‘atas’ twin brother from RM95k!


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