PHSAM launches Audi Recognition Plan, provides after sales support for parallel import Audis

Audi’s official distributor in Malaysia – PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM) is currently offering its Audi Recognition Plan to provide parallel import Audi vehicles with its after-sales services. The plan includes various benefits, which include the Audi Plus package, Audi Insurance Plan, Audi Repair Package, as well as Beyond Economic Repair Support.

To be entitled to the plan, the Audi vehicles bought from parallel importers must first be evaluated through a complimentary detailed 300-point Audi Condition Check (ACC). The evaluation can be done at any Audi Centre throughout Malaysia.

Once the parallel import Audi vehicle has successfully gone through the required evaluation, owners can then enjoy the four benefits that come with the Audi Recognition Plan mentioned above. First up is the Audi Plus package, which offers customers savings on service, repair, parts, and maintenance for vehicles that are five years and older.

Upon signing up for the plan, owners will receive three vouchers which entitle them to a 10% discount on service maintenance, alongside 12 months of Audi Roadside Assistance from the date of the voucher redemption. The vouchers are all applicable within a period of three years.

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The next benefit customers will get with the Audi Recognition Plan is the Audi Insurance Plan. With partner insurers such as Allianz General Insurance, MSIG Insurance, Etiqa General Takaful, and Zurich General Takaful, this plan provides comprehensive coverage for customers’ vehicles.

Benefits included with the Audi Insurance plan comprise the prioritisation of claim approvals and 12 months of complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance for cars that are above five years of age. The insurance plan also assures that all repair work is conducted at authorised Audi body and paint centres and is done by Audi’s qualified technicians, with only genuine parts used. In addition, PHSAM has also ensured that all of this is operated in accordance with global Audi repair standards.

Owners of parallel import Audi vehicles beyond the age of 6 years can also benefit from the Audi Repair Package. Perks included here are a 30% discount on several items, such as the brake set, absorbers set, bearing set, as well as timing belt.

Last but not least is the Beyond Economic Repair Support. In the case of parallel import Audi vehicles being severely damaged due to untoward accidents, owners may enjoy a 20% discount on selected parts on their vehicles.

The damaged cars will first go through a proper assessment done by Audi’s trained Body & Paint partner and technician. Once the assessment process is complete, the vehicle will be carried on with repair works to help restore it back to pristine condition.

Furthermore, Audi will be launching a new app to provide all Audi owners, including owners of parallel import Audi vehicles with access to a suite of features. Among the features provided include finding the nearest EV charging station, scheduling a service appointment, and getting the latest news and updates. Audi owners in Malaysia who are interested in the app may pre-sign up through the brand’s microsite.

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