Peugeot unveils new interior design – Panoramic screen, touch-based controls in upcoming 3008

Prior to the new Peugeot 3008’s launch, which is planned to be held in September this year, Peugeot has teased a new generation of its Peugeot i-Cockpit interior design. This new ‘cockpit’ will feature a panoramic design, and the new upcoming 3008, which the company teased to be an all-electric fastback SUV, will be the first Peugeot model to receive it.

The Peugeot Panoramic i-Cockpit interior, as its name suggests, features a 21-inch high-definition curved panoramic screen, which ‘floats’ above the dashboard. Slightly curved towards the driver for optimum ergonomics, the panoramic floating screen in the upcoming 3008 will still be easily accessible to the passengers. It is attached by a rear foot that is invisible from the passenger side, making it look like it is literally floating above the dashboard.

This new large digital screen in the Peugeot 3008’s interior combines two key functions, which include the instrument cluster and the central screen. The instrument cluster is in charge of all information relating to driving, such as the speed, power meter, driving aids, energy flow, etc. The central screen, on the other hand, is like many other infotainment displays, operable via touch control. Users can control features like air-conditioning, navigation, and media or connectivity systems via this section of the screen.

At the centre of the dashboard and right below the panoramic screen is Peugeot’s i-Toggles. It is a touch-sensitive panel that replaces the traditional air-conditioning control panel and can feature up to 10 configurable shortcut keys. This includes access to features such as air-conditioning settings, telephone contacts, favourite radio stations, navigation, and so on.

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Thanks to the redesigned ‘cockpit’, Peugeot designers have left the upcoming 3008’s centre console to be uncluttered, allowing increased available space for storage and wireless smartphone charging. To maximise the available space in the new interior, the gear selector has also been relocated to the dashboard, right next to the start/stop button, making the gear selector more accessible in the process.

Like other modern Peugeot models, the new 3008 will also be fitted with a compact steering wheel. However, with the new i-Cockpit, it is redesigned, featuring a smaller central cushion.

Peugeot is also saying goodbye to physical buttons with the steering controls of its upcoming 3008’s i-Cockpit, replacing them with touch-sensitive buttons instead. The new buttons feature ‘tactile clicking’, and will automatically detect the driver’s fingers. To prevent unintentional miss presses, the buttons will only be activated when pressed.

LED ambient lighting is also included with the upcoming i-Cockpit to accentuate the interior. Located beneath the panoramic screen, the lighting contains eight customisable colours and is extended across the entire width of the dashboard and door panels.

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