GWM Cannon previewed at Malaysia Autoshow 2023, Hilux alternative

The GWM Cannon pickup truck is now previewed for the first time in Malaysia at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023. With a total of two variants showcased, we are assuming one is the lower variant while the other one is the higher variant of the Cannon.

For the moment, there are no price or specification details confirmed for the GWM Cannon pickup truck in Malaysia yet. However, based on GWM’s Chinese site, there are three variants available for the Poer (the pickup truck’s official name for the Chinese market). These variants are namely the P11, P12 and P13.

Looking at the designs of the two variants showcased here at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023, they look to be the P11 and P12 variants. These variants will be aimed towards commercial and passenger use respectively.

On the outside, the higher variant of the Cannon features many chrome bits, which can be found in the grille, front side panel, side mirrors, and door handles. LED headlights, fog lights, a sports bar, and dual-tone wheels are present as well.

The lower variant of the GWM Cannon features a more downtoned design instead. The chrome bits found on the higher variant are all gone, with body-coloured and black bits in place instead. The wheels are also single-tone. Compared to the higher variant GWM Cannon, this variant comes with simpler-looking headlights as well.

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Inside, both variants look similar for the most part. Standard equipment that can be seen includes a touchscreen infotainment display, an automatic driver seat, as well as an electronic parking brake. Extra bits we can see available on the higher variant of the GWM Cannon are a digital instrument cluster, and leather quilted patterns on the door panel as well as the seats. There are also some silver trims on the higher variant Cannon’s centre console as well.

Again, details of the GWM Cannon are not confirmed at this point in time. There are also no official specifications or pricing details either.

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