Perodua aims 314,000 sales in 2023, to expand subscription business

Having sold 282,019 cars in 2022, local carmaker Perodua targets to sell 314,000 cars in 2023, essentially a 11.3% year on year growth. In terms of production, Perodua aims to produce 330,000 cars this year, which is 14.2% more than 2022.

To achieve the 314,000 unit target, Perodua has recently opened bookings for the all-new Perodua Axia. Perodua says that they “have allocated RM537.1 million on the development of a new model” which refers to several models including the all-new Axia. Besides the introduction of new models, Perodua also aims to expand its Pre-Owned Vehicle (POV) and Subscription business this year.

The all-new Perodua Axia is now open for bookings

Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said, “This year (2023) provides a golden opportunity for us as consumers still have confidence in the automotive market. In fact, more than half of our targeted volume is from bookings we collected last year but have yet to deliver.”

“As our normal installed annual production capacity for our Perodua Manufacturing and Perodua Global Manufacturing plants are at 320,000 units on a two-shift cycle, we can still increase our volume by improving productivity and by instituting overtime.”

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Besides boosting production and increasing sales, Perodua is also committed to an RM10 billion budget to purchase parts from local suppliers for 2023. Dato’ Zainal said, “This purchase commitment is expected to further encourage the Malaysian automotive ecosystem to further improve its production capabilities and quality standards. In short, the increase in production will give much-needed boost for our local industries to improve their economies of scale and to better compete with their counterparts abroad.”

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In terms of expansion, Perodua has allocated RM1.15 billion capital expenditure this year to improve its group operations.

The Perodua CEO said, “We have also allocated RM537.1 million on the development of a new model, as well as RM247.1 million to further modernise our operations, which also include upgrading existing 1S and 2S centres into 3S centres.”

Perodua is also targeting an increase in vehicle intake at its service centres nationwide. The company targets 2.8 million intakes in 2023 over the 2.6 million intake in 2022.

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