Perodua to upgrade dealership outlets, 70% to 3S status by 2024

During today’s business briefing press conference, Perodua’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad announced that the company will begin upgrading its dealership outlets nationwide from 1S and 2S outlets to 3S status, starting this year.

“We have allocated […] RM247.1 million to further modernise our operations, which also include upgrading existing 1S and 2S centres into 3S centres,” he said during the event. The local carmaker is aiming for 70% of its outlets to be upgraded to 3S centres by 2024.

In terms of outlet status, 1S refers to a standalone sales showroom, 2S refers to a service and spare parts centre, while a 3S is the combination of the two. “It is Perodua’s intention to grow with our partners, and we want to do this [expansion] in a way that would be mutually beneficial and sustainable,” Dato’ Sri Zainal added.

As part of the upgrading works, the outlets will be adhering to a ‘New Outlets Standard’ (NOS), featuring Perodua’s latest brand image with a “fresh concept”, while promoting sustainable green operations. The new outlets will also emphasise on ‘mono operation’, integrating the sales and services divisions into one seamless operation to enhance customers’ experience at the outlets.

The expansion should also include plans for Perodua’s Pre-Owned Vehicle (POV) and subscription businesses, as the company is committed to a “total rollout” for the latter this year.

As for after sales service, the company is targetting an increase of vehicle intakes from 2.6 million recorded in 2022, to 2.8 million units this year. “The growth would be a combination of improved service time as well as increasing our service bays throughout the country,” he said.

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