Toyota named the most searched car brand of 2022

Toyota has topped the polls again as the most searched car brand of 2022, after taking the top spot in 2021 and 2020, according to Compare the Market. 

According to the survey, Toyota was the most searched car brand in 69 out of 155 countries – representing 44.5% of all car brand searches and an increase of 10% from the year before. Compare the Market attributes this to the brand’s introduction of no less than 15 new models last year including the Toyota Prius and the Malaysian-bound bZ4x.

With Toyota in pole position, the second most searched car brand was BMW, followed by Mercedes-Benz. The German automakers have been firmly placed in the Top 3 spots ever since Compare the Market began its search trends analysis back in 2018.

The survey also showed that while BMW has seen an increase in the number of countries where it was the most searched car brand (from 29 countries to 36), Mercedes-Benz saw a decline, from 23 countries to 10 in 2022.

While brands like Toyota, BMW and Mercedes-Benz were popular searches across the world, some brands were more popular in specific regions. Kia for example, was the most searched brand in Ecuador, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Uzbekistan.


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