What is Mitsubishi up to with the Xpander? Ralliart Edition?

For the past couple of weeks, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has been releasing teaser videos on its Instagram page related to the Xpander crossover that’s stirring up curiosity on the social media platform. It’s also making us wonder, will there be a special edition Xpander coming soon? Or are they merely building a showcase unit just to show off the Xpander’s ‘sporty side’?

The first Instagram reel revealed a different set of wheels fitted onto the Xpander that seems to be made in collaboration between McClubz and Tengku Djan.

Those who are more familiar with the aftermarket scene could be pointing to the Raxer RP10X wheels that range up to 17-inch in size. Look closely and you’d also notice the wheels being paired with Kumho tyres as opposed to the Toyo CR1 tyres used in the standard Xpander. Either ways, looking at the screenshots here, it seems to fit the Xpander wheel arches really well – looking really flush!

In the follow-up Instagram reel, things get a little more exciting as the company showed the Xpander being wrapped extensively, with computer graphics giving a glimpse of what the end product would look like. That’s not all, it also looks like the Xpander is sporting a roof scoop, larger rear spoiler, and sporty front and rear bumpers.

What do you think it could be? What do you want it to be? Stay tuned to find out but in the mean time, check out the final reveal here!


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