Mini will debut its next-gen design language in July with a new EV crossover

Mini is quickly moving into its electric future, and it’s got a new design language to go with it. Dubbed ‘Charismatic Simplicity’, the new design language will debut in the form of a “concept study” at the end of July this year on a brand-new tall-riding crossover model.

The new electric crossover concept will pave the way for Mini models of the future, and will be joined by the electric Mini three-door hatchback and Mini Countryman SUV, both of which should also be released very soon after.

As usual, design language announcements like these are usually only filled with marketing blurbs like “[melding] the brand’s traditional values with state-of-the-art technology”, and not much of actual substance. No design elements have been shown off yet, aside from the teaser photo above, but we do know that every model will feature its own “individual charisma” touches to make them instantly distinguishable.

According to Mini, these can be as simple as a different Union Jack tail-light design, in addition to their different silhouettes, but they’ll all be based around the brand’s core identity, just reinterpreted in their own individual ways.

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As the name suggests, the new design language will focus on minimalism, characterised by only the essentials on both its exterior and interior styling. The new cars will also heavily utilise sustainable materials, which means there will be “almost zero” chrome elements, while leather surfaces are eliminated completely.

Despite the focus on minimalism, Mini says that the new design language doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing on usability. For example, the OLED technology for the fully digital display and control unit, as seen on the Vision Urbanaut concept, will allow for more functions to be combined in a single unit.

And even with the new technology present in the “archetypal Mini circular central instrument”, analogue controls and toggle switches will still be retained underneath the touchscreen displays – thank heavens.

The new Mini models will be built on a new platform, developed with electric powertrains in mind from the get go. Mini says this has given the engineers the flexibility of a different approach to vehicle design, maximising interior space despite the smaller footprint of their cars.

“Purely electrically powered models from MINI give us a unique opportunity to rethink our design. At the same time, we retain the attention to detail, sense of tradition and passion for innovation that MINI is renowned for,” said Mini design chief, Oliver Heilmer.


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