Volvo updates Recharge T8 PHEV powertrain for 60, 90 series models in Malaysia – 462 hp, 90 km EV range

Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has announced that its 60 and 90 series models – namely the S60, V60, S90, XC60, and XC90 – will soon receive an updated Recharge T8 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain here on our shores.

The key update to this powertrain comes in the form of a more powerful electric motor on the rear axle, now making 145 hp instead of the previous 88 hp. In effect, the new motor raises the total system output up to 462 hp, compared to the previous 407 hp. Although, their top speed will still be limited at 180 km/h.

Additionally, the recharge T8 PHEV powertrain also now receives what Volvo calls a “long-range battery”, with total capacity raised to 18.8 kWh from 11.6 kWh thanks to a third layer of cells in the battery pack.

The increase in battery capacity results in a sizeable jump in pure electric driving range, nearly doubling the previous 40-49 km estimates to now between 70 and 90 km, depending on the model.

The company says that the increased range means its customers can now drive primarily on electric power, which in turn translates to lower overall carbon emissions.

Alongside the mechanical changes, the new T8-equipped models will also now come with the One-Pedal Drive feature that was first introduced in the fully-electric XC40 Recharge Pure Electric model. The feature allows drivers to slow down the vehicle by gradually lifting off the accelerator thanks to increased battery regeneration, which should also help improve the cars’ fuel efficiency.

“Our new line of PHEVs will transform the way our customers experience electric driving,” said VCM Managing Director, Charles Frump. “The improved powertrain lets our customers drive sustainably at a longer distance, at the same time providing them with range confidence that fits the needs of their everyday lives.”

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Other details about the updated models have not been released just yet, but expect the new cars to get the other global 2023 model-year updates, including the Android Automotive infotainment system with integrated Google services.

Aside from the updates to the Recharge T8 powertrains, VCM also announced that a price adjustment for all of its other models will come into effect on 1 May 2022, hinting at a potential increase in price. The price adjustment will start with the XC40 T5, XC40 Recharge T5, XC60 B5, and XC90 B5.

As for the new Volvo 90 and 60 series Recharge T8 models, pricing details will be announced upon rollout in Malaysia. The price for the current Recharge T8 range will remain the same for the time being, and will be sold while stocks last.


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