Ferrari is making a new V12 engine for the Purosangue SUV

Who said internal combustion engines are dead? Bucking the industry trend of engine down-sizing and electrification, Ferrari has announced that it’ll be introducing a brand new V12 engine, and it’s the upcoming Purosangue SUV that’ll be the first to get it.

Teased overnight, Ferrari’s press release says that “the V12 has always been an intrinsic part of Ferrari DNA”, and will remain “a symbol of our relentless quest for new heights of performance and pure driving emotion”.

Although the press release does not explicitly name the Purosangue, it does mention that the “new thoroughbred’s bloodline” will be the new V12 – and if you recall, Purosangue is Italian for thoroughbred. Throw in “game changing model” and it’s pretty much confirmed.

But if that’s still not enough to convince you, fret not – Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna also confirmed to Reuters that their new SUV would be the one in line for the new 12-cylinder engine, saying “We’ve tested several options, it was clear that the V12, for the performance and driving experience it could provide, was the right option for the market”.

Output and performance figures for the new (likely 6.5-litre) V12 still remain under wraps for now, but rumours are suggesting a horsepower output upwards of 820 hp, making it one of the most powerful SUVs on the market – and the most powerful petrol-powered one.

Aside from this new V12 engine, which should at least help Ferrari market the SUV to their most ardent fans, the Purosangue is also rumoured to feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain underneath the hood – possibly utilising the 296 GTB‘s new 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6.

There’s also talk of a fully-electric model in the pipelines, although that isn’t expected to arrive until around 2024 or 2025.

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The Ferrari Purosangue SUV is already seen pretty much in full, thanks to a set of photos leaked from the production floor earlier this year. And although we definitely still need some time to get used to how it looks, there are already a few “hallmark” Ferrari touches that we can pick out from the design.

These include the SF90-inspired headlights, tail lights from the 296 GTB, and a massive gaping front lower intake that sports a passing resemblance to the GTC4Lusso. The overall silhouette of the Purosangue is also more lifted coupe-hatchback rather than SUV, although it’ll still have a higher ground clearance than every other Ferrari models.

The Ferrari Purosangue (if it’s still called that, since it’s only technically the SUV’s working codename) is slated to be revealed in the coming months, with production to start before the end of the year.


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