BMW Belarus’ website has allegedly leaked the upcoming 2022 X7 facelift

The BMW X7 facelift is not due until some time later this year, but the car has apparently already been leaked almost in full – this time by BMW Belarus’ own official website – giving us a first look at the updated big boy SUV.

As usual on a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) model, the overall silhouette of the (alleged) BMW X7 facelift still remains pretty much unchanged from before. But with that being said, the front fascia here does receive a significant update in appearance, with a new split headlight assembly that’s sure to draw some controversies among fans.

The top half of the new headlight design is a slim enclosure for the daytime running lights, which gets a new light signature similar to that of the BMW iX. Below that, separated by a piece of horizontal sheet metal, is a new recessed enclosure for the main beams that is also integrated into the vertical air intake cutouts on both ends.

Love it or hate it, the new split headlights will be soon be making its way onto other BMW models, as the upcoming i7 EV that’s due next month is also rumoured to feature a similar split set-up up front.

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Screenshot: BMW Belarus’ website via Autoevolution

From the sole leaked image, we can also see that the front bumper has been redesigned with a wide rectangular air intake positioned in the centre, bookended by two triangular pieces. The same geometric theme is also repeated on the new trim piece behind the front wheel arches. The chrome elements beneath that, though, seems to be unchanged from before.

The image also shows off a set of massive alloy wheels, featuring a brand-new flower-like multi-spoke design. Based on the tyre profile (or lackthereof) in the image, we won’t be surprised if these are actually 23-inch items.

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Aside from what we see here, we should also be able to expect slight tweaks to the rear bumpers, plus a reworked interior – the latter possibly including the new iDrive 8 infotainment system. Confirmation will of course have to wait for the official launch, but based on the leaked website, it seems like we won’t have to wait for much longer.

[Source: Autoevolution]


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