The latest BMW iDrive 8 system could be the best-looking yet!

BMW recently introduced the i4 and ix and thanks to the boys at BMW BLOG along with a BMW representative, a Project Manager for the BMW i line-up, we get to find out what the latest iDrive 8 infotainment system is really like!

Larger and cleaner displays are perhaps the most notable changes in the new system but that’s not all. The number of physical buttons and switches have been reduced by almost half according to BMW.

This is most evident on the centre console of the iX where all the physical buttons have been replaced by icons with haptic feedback, except the main rotary dial and the volume controls…thank goodness. Gesture control is still available.

BMW i4 Gran Coupe with 530 hp – 0-100 km/h in just 4 seconds. Check it out here!

The new iDrive 8 also features a new main menu with a smartphone-like display. It’s something users would be familiar with given the current smartphone norm according to the BMW representative.

Gone is the widget-like interface of the previous iDrive 7 like in the 330i we reviewed, which wasn’t the cleanest-looking in our opinion. The user interface now features larger tiles for different functions – it looks so much simpler.

Find out more about the latest BMW iDrive 8 system here!

The large, curved display panel ahead consists of two separate displays; a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9-inch display for the infotainment and climate control systems. The displays sit behind a one-piece glass, while the rear panel is made of magnesium.

The curved displa that wraps around the driver, in typical BMW fashion, is also a first in a BMW.

No more physical buttons for the climate controls; not sure if that’s a good thing!

The new iDrive 8 system will also allow drivers to continue enjoying their preferred settings (seating and climate control for example) via the BMW ID. The BMW ID is linked to the user’s Connected Drive account.

With this, you can jump from the iX and into the i4 for example, and all your preferred settings will be transferred seamlessly.

“This will allow your settings to travel with you,” said the BMW representative.

Lastly, the iDrive 8 also comes with an IconicSound feature that provides an immersive and pleasant cabin atmosphere under the Comfort driving mode, while Eco Pro mode goes into full silent mode.

BMW collaborates with Hans Zimmer from ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Inception’, to compose sounds for future electric BMW M cars!

Credit: BMW BLOG



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