Video: First ride in the roofless McLaren Elva on Sepang Circuit!

It’s not often that anyone gets to ride in a supercar, even more so in a roofless one so you can imagine the joy when the invite came to go for a taxi ride in the McLaren Elva; at the Sepang Circuit no less!

The windscreen you see on the car in the video is actually an optional item, along with the wipers and windscreen washers. Look closer and you’ll notice that the windscreen frame is made of carbon fibre!

That’s not all, in fact, the whole car is made of carbon fibre; from the body to the chassis of the Elva. As a result, the McLaren Elva only weighs just over 1.2 tonnes, and just a little heavier than a Perodua Myvi.

Now imagine being that light, but with 815 hp and 800 Nm from 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and all that muscle is channeled solely to the rear wheels! 0 to 100 km/h is over in just 2.8 seconds!

It’s a real shame we didn’t get to drive it; not only because the track was really wet but also because this thing costs about RM8 million before tax! Nevertheless, here’s a little hint of what being in the McLaren Elva is like!


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