The Toyota GR Corolla is finally coming this Friday

After literally years of rumours, leaks, and teasers, the Toyota GR Corolla is finally about to be upon us with a scheduled launch this Friday, the 1st of April. And no, we checked – it’s not an April Fool’s Joke (since its official launch will take place in the US on the 31st of March).

Now, okay, so Toyota did not explicitly say that the launch is specifically for the GR Corolla. But when there’s so much smoke, there’s bound to be fire too. Heck, they’ve even pretty much shown off the entire rear-end of the (camouflaged) car in a recent TV ad for the GR86.

But fine, you want facts? Here: Toyota provided two accompanying photos together with the announcement, and on the first one which focuses on the widened fenders, its visible body lines are pretty much a complete match to the standard Corolla hatchback in the US. How’s that for a “fact”?

The second photo, however, is a little more of a guessing game. There’s a clear embossed “GR-FOUR” wordmark, but its exact location remains a mystery to us – our best guess is by the side skirts, although even then we’re still plainly blind-guessing. Drop a comment below if you think you know!

Aside from these two photos, Toyota also gave us a brief look at the GR Corolla’s wheels via a short teaser video, and it seems like it’ll share the same 18-inch gloss black units as the smaller GR Yaris.

Recent rumours suggest that the GR Corolla will most likely share the same 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine as the GR Yaris, paired to the same six-speed manual transmission, as well as the aforementioned GR-Four permanent all-wheel drive set-up.

While the three-pot mill makes 272 hp on the GR Yaris, the same engine in the upcoming GR Corolla has been rumoured to be uprated to around 300 hp to compensate the larger and – more importantly – heavier body of the Corolla hatchback.

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The Toyota Corolla hatchback never made its way here in Malaysia, so we’re frankly not quite sure if we’ll ever get the GR Corolla here. But then again, the TNGA Yaris that the GR model was based on was also never brought into Malaysia, and yet the GR Yaris sold like hotcakes here.

Previous rumours suggested that the GR Corolla will be a US-only exclusive, but weirder things have happened, so we won’t be surprised if it’ll eventually be offered here in Malaysia – seeing that we’re one of the few countries with full-blown GR Garages. We won’t be holding our breaths, though.

You can watch the full official unveiling through Toyota’s Vimeo page, linked here, at 9.30 am on the April 1st.


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